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Welcome to the Underworld

Sometimes it takes Death to illustrate the absurdities in life.

Yeah, I'll stick with video games.

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ďDungeons and DragonsĒ

To More Comic Goodness

Using your Imagination

Iíve been invited to play the phenomenon that is Dungeons and Dragons several times. I would rate my experiences with the game somewhere between dull to terrible. I almost exclusively end up doodling on a piece of paper while the other players take a few hours to customize their characters. When the game finally progresses, I have to keep my 10+ attributes straight, plus item bonuses, plus some things inherent to my class that a book the size of a U.S. History textbook claims I have. And I never can keep track of my money, so thatís constantly in a state of flux. So yeah, youíre clearly better off playing D&D instead of, I donít know, a video game that does all of this for you. I roll for sarcasm.