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Welcome to the Underworld

Sometimes it takes Death to illustrate the absurdities in life.

Make sure to use a generous amount of ammo.

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To More Comic Goodness

V-Day is Dangerous

I was going to take a shot at Fifty Shades of Grey, but it was just too easy. Therefore, I turned my attention to Cupid. Seriously, whatís up with this pudgy baby thing sticking arrows into people? Being completely ignorant to Cupidís history, I deem this pretty messed up. As I missed Valentineís Day this year working a job that actually pays my bills, Iím making some custom Valentines for my girlfriend for next year. Iíll be sure to post pics when completed. If they were for any other girl, Iím sure Iíd end up alone. Youíll see what I mean. Special thanks to Becky Weiler for assisting with the editing of this comic. It flows much better now.