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Welcome to the Underworld

Sometimes it takes Death to illustrate the absurdities in life.

The very reason I intend to have a porch.

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To More Comic Goodness

Series VI is Apparently Timeless

There was once a goal of mine to release a comic every week and end the series after 52 weeks. Unfortunately, life quickly got in the way of this lofty release schedule. Thus, Series VI has now spanned two years. Yikes.

This comic has been on the back burners for a while. I pitched it to my editor in late 2014, but never had an opportunity to write it. This is essentially a portrait of me and my best friend in 60 years or so. Fun fact: the doormat is based upon a real T-shirt I saw whilst trick-or-treating back in middle school. Needless to say, we never returned to that house.