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Career Readiness and Lifelong Learning through the Medium of Photography.

My students need DSLR cameras for their photography classes. Our goal is to build a Career and Technical Education program, so they will need to use Nikon D3400 DSLRs with two lenses.

We're taking our support to Brooklyn, NY to help out Ms. Roberts' classroom. It seems Ms. Roberts is requesting some high-end camera equipment to teach her students about digital photography.

This one's a bit risky as it needs to be fully funded by March 9th. Hopefully our help will be a contributing factor in their success.

Check out the Project Here!

Mr. Grim's Thoughts

Author's Notes on "Car Trouble"

As you may have guessed, my car is behaving badly. And while I haven't gone so far as to cover up dashboard lights, I'm definitely guilty of drowning out noises with my stereo. I hope my mother skips this comic...

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